Somalia:- Staff PLTV want to stop working

Televion Puntland through the worst ever mismanagement and laxity job after while failed the administration of Tv all aspects of the state media.

radio Because of the resulting failure vast television and radio Puntland has one after last airport, adding that journalists regularly receive wages and employment rights,.

Confidence in the vast and more in control of the TV and the staff was the cause after he was appointed to the administration of President Gas pocket to put revenue from television advertising ensuring the humane treatment, meetings and seminars while close to stop working staff in the coming hours after regains poor governance in place.

Operatives Puntland TV remember how last year but stopped work efforts into bringing back the work after the appointment of a cabinet-level committee Gas and auditor general of the government to correct the PL area where there is no conflict between and now they gave a clear response to the committee issued .

“They will decide to go away work soon and since we do not find a solution until now and answer us to committee appointed Dr.” Gas “he was quoted Puntlandnow one staff PL TV .

Achkir-Nur Up to five people important to the work station and drop one of the important tasks are left in charge as head of finance, head of marketing and some programer loved spectators.

Management TV level of lack of knowledge management both to some employees violent while others went together without a reason dismissal.

Staff Puntland TV has strongly feeling camplain result to leave Bosaso journey to knowing Director of TV C / Fatah light Achkir despite some of the staff told to his mother ill.

The controversial TV Government in September 2014 reached a sensitive after mismanagement and fraud began administration appointed by the President is not satisfied with the results of the staff can be held.

Puntland-tv-station Reliable sources have confirmed the staff Puntland TV season as they prepare for each to go away his job as some began to request work towards private media in Puntland.

It significantly decreased reputation television talk held at Puntland Presidential society inside and outside the country.

The latest news receive Puntlandnow major television station in the town of Garowe reports badly damaged motors modern work in TV which equipment was donated by the Italian government and the destruction of multiple injuries suffered from equipment tv for working

The reason behind the problem the government media has been reported after administration greatly neglected TV that finally compelled him to be one of many tools bowle important to the work of running as Motors,and other materials very expensive and not available in Africa and Somalia

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