Somalia :- Alshabab took control police station in Bosaso

Reports from Bosaso of east Somalia region say they took control station baalade Bosaso armed attack last evening.

baalade The attack baalade station and suspected that some group has resulted in a loss of more cars where airplanes were burned, their weapons confiscated from their team, prisoners released, and one of the officers at a police station until now missing a patch and heel made and likely to go Getty station after successfully take over the station for nearly an hour.

Puntland police officials confirmed newsletter Puntlandnow fear strong advantage of the situation feels safe in Bosaso while fighting through the night around the area Sugure Puntland forces and militants in the south.

The other day an assassination attempt against sea Galkayo Accountant General in the Ministry of finance capitalism Mohamud Yusuf “Gaadayare” after the explosion was caused by a car on the road.

While tonight gunmen killed in Galkayo Mayor judicial district in northern Mudug region.

Aggregate in the last months has been a feeling of fear strong region related to the safety, which has not yet received the military comes wage and services in the workforce.

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