Foreign-born in China coal gathering eastern Somalia

After this week foreign nearly 10 people from China came Puntland the government said with the purpose of their visit to the investment made in the country, but did not reveal the location where the foreign investors said delegation of businessmen.

As shown in pictures from the purpose of the foreign-born left Puntland China is consolidating the achievements who was told a delegation of business investment in the area starting in Puntland, as it relates to why they went there to sell the coal and mineral testing ground.

Nearly who left Ethiopia reports say that the agreement between the members, including the director of mineral and oil and Deputy Director presidential protocol as loaded from the pirates and the streams of the battery to make coal and other agreements to the black market to buy minerals in the ground.


Why came this plan is believed to be behind after failed administration led by President C/weli gaas aviation agreements between oil companies to explore Puntland also doors folded together in the company office in Bosaso fuel .

And as shown in the pictures are busy all foreign-born Chinese in stone beaches and streams of the area is served, while in company of the Director of Mining and Petroleum Jesus exercise is, Deputy Minister of Interior , and Deputy Director of the Department of protocol and presidential

Many people isweydiinaya why not take the role of the Ministry of Commerce Puntland if true word Government says that the delegation came to Puntland issues related to investment business In contrast to the cause of pictures featuring members of hay, exquisite to cover Puntland Affairs?

Yesterday it was the town of Bosaso Chinna foreign born, and today cut the purpose they went there, he was expected to go on the next region of Bari, Sanaag and Karkar as Alula district, boats ,, and Environment.

It is not known how long will continue deal with the kids from the bottom of  Ethiopia and members including the Director of Mines and Petroleum and the Deputy Director of Protocol and presidential.



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